123 is a band who started its musical journey in 2004. The band is consisted of three musicians (Burak Irmak, Berke Can Ozcan and Feryin Kaya) who performed together in other bands before, like DANdadaDAN and Tamburada. 123 played in many concerts and festivals both in Turkey and Europe like Berlin, Istanbul and Akbank Jazz Festivals, Rock’n’Coke, 0090 Kunst en Festival in Antwerp (Belgium); IKSV’s “Simdi-Now” project in Stuttgart and Bridge to Turkey Festival in Munich (both in Germany).

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The band creates a mainly acoustic and melodic atmosphere. The deep emotional mood mostly travels into a world of sorrow. Although it winks at electronica and rock, it is not totally disconnected from jazz either. The electronic sound is prepared by the drummer Ozcan. He notes that he and the keyboard player Irmak, play songs backwards, keeping in mind the new melodies that they hear, and then play their original versions again. This method made the musicians gain brand-new perspectives on their own music. A 123 composition “Kendi Dusen Aglamaz” (As you make your bed, so you lie on it) is an example of this approach.

The concert was a reflection of the band’s compositions and original arrangements, which are impressive, remarkable and piquant. Repeated themes are significant components of the pieces, which are arranged in an uncomplicated but impressive way. The performances of drums, bass, rhodes and acoustic guitar are strengthened with unaccustomed instruments such as glockenspiel and lido organ. Owing to these, the arising sound is definitely urban, contemporary and young; reminding a Nordic one. Touching melodies are sometimes tranquil but always poignant. The young age of the band members is not an obstacle to the advanced coordination and musicianship. Towards the end of the concert, the audience that crowded the hall also witnessed the uncommon combination of drums and vocals. The encore was the first song of the concert; “Simdi” (Now).

For the ones who ask for more, the band’s very first album recorded abroad in August 2008 will be in the music markets later this year. More information can be found on www.123theband.com

Grubun ilk albümü Aksel’in kapağı, iç kapağı ve çizimlerinin bir kısmı…

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